Exercise to Music


Everyone likes Music and there is no better way to exercise then to Music. This course enables you to take your love of Music and exercise and combine them into a career and source of income.

The qualifying learner will be able to lead and instruct exercise routines or classes to the accompaniment of emotive and instructional music. Utilizing expert knowledge of various training methods, adapting the teaching methods and styles to the unique requirements of the individual or group. Learners will be able to effectively utilize specific music as an instructional and motivational tool during exercise sessions or classes.

This means successfully interpreting the structure, timing, rhythm, tempo, style and jeanre of the music and blending this with fitness routines.

By completing this qualification a learner is equipped to earn extra income, instructing classes in Planet Fitness clubs.

Our Aim with this qualification is to get you competent for a career in Fitness – Planet Academy the leading brand behind South African Fitness.


Duration: 3 Months


Course content:

  • Plan and prepare for exercise session
  • Instruct exercise with the consideration of safe and effective exercise requirements
  • Utilize appropriate communication skills required to instruct exercise
  • Instruct exercise classes professionally and confidently

Career Opportunities:

  • Local and international gyms
  • Cruise liners
  • Private Practice
  • Functional fitness facilities
  • Plant Fitness career opportunity

Benefits of this course:

  • Courses are internationally accredited
  • Access to industry experts


The outcome of the Coursewill be Assessed and Moderated and Quality assured by Cathsseta ETQA

Accreditation: Cathsseta accreditation

Method of study:  Blended – Both online and compulsory practical class attendance


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