Exercise To Music

Exercise to Music is a fundamental building block for any Group Fitness Instructor.

Supplement and Nutrition
in Conjunction with USN

This course will ensure you understand how Nutrition and Supplementation work hand in hand.

Personal Trainer

This qualification enables the learner to embark on a long a prosperous career in Fitness industry

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Become a Fitness Influencer

Planet Academy was created by South Africa’s leading health and fitness company, boasting 25+ years’ experience within the industry.

Planet Academy focuses on the development and establishment of prosperous careers for individuals within the health and fitness industry, through the use of expert facilitators who understand the market’s needs. Giving the student the added advantage.

CATHSSETA Accreditation

Full CATHSSETA Accreditation. To facilitate skills development through strategic partnerships for CATHSSETA to contribute to economic growth

Funding through FUNDI

We finance everything you need. Our funding also covers outstanding balances, registration fees, laptops, textbooks, study tools, accommodation, as well as uniforms and stationery.

Muscle & Motion App

Access to Muscle & Motion professional app for acquiring advanced knowledge on strength training and stretching anatomy, learning how to prevent common mistakes in order to reduce risk of injury (including concrete reasons for why these mistakes occur), and deeply understanding the anatomy of all human muscles in the most visual way!

Planet Fitness Support

All our courses and qualifications are geared towards making you the best suited individual within the job market through our club access & guaranteed employment.


Ryno Saaiman

I believe that your body should be treated with respect and the best way for you to do that is by choosing a healthy lifestyle. You only have one body! So best you invest in yourself now.

Caroline Jooste

Fitness is to be enjoyed, it provides us the ability to have a healthy lifestyle. As a passionate Personal Trainer, my role is to motivate, enable & make training a fun & rewarding experience.

Eddie Van Wyk

Knowing how to gym is important, but educating yourself about the science behind fitness is evenmore important. Education for fitness individuals can not get better than this. . . “Knowledge is Power”

Caroline Jacobs

Physical activity improves longevity at any age. It's never too late to start now. You can change your lifestyle. I did! We all can change our lifestyle, no matter what your age is. Let's do this together.

Deandre Reiners

Fitness is more than just heading to the gym to train, it’s balance, it’s making the time to do things you’d probably not do. Knowing what and how to do when it comes to training, changes everything.

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